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The Sydney Symphony orchestra made its debut performance at the Sydney SuperDome in spectacular style. They played popular and robust pieces including the first ever fully staged performance of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, the score from Star Wars, the Triumphal March for Aida, and Strauss' tone poem used as the theme for 2001, A Space Odyssey. Music from Carmen, LaBoheme and Turandot are also included in the programme.

In an attempt to break away from the stuffiness often associated with classical music performance, promoters Creation Entertainment and producers Accolade Events incorporated a massive lighting system, lasers and an immense PIGI projection into the show.

The production was a careful combination of three elements - moving lights, generic lights and projection. Lighting designer Brad Gander was told that a rock'n'roll type rig was required and then the design was left to him.

The lighting rig was dominated by fixtures with 24 x MAC500, 46 x MAC600, 16 x MAC2000, 6 x MAC2000 Performance and 14 x Pro400 for truss warmers. Added to that were about 420 par cans of various sizes and lamps.

The Mac2000 Performances are placed on the floor to project onto three diagonal panels that are the main feature of the lighting rig. Rimming the panels are the 24 x MAC 500 and twelve of the MAC600. The panels are hung directly above the orchestra and the MAC2000 Performances project a variety of effects such flames, water, squares and clouds onto them. Brad was particularly pleased with their contribution to the show.

"We were a bit worried the orchestra might stress out with the fan noise from the MACs but their feedback has been fine. The MAC2000s have been sensational. The MAC2000 Performance is a really good unit. The optics and effects are great you can get some really nice effects."

Eight CityColors are used to colour wash the projection screen when there are no images on it.

Chameleon Touring Systems provided the lighting, in particular two grandMA control desks. Michael 'Simmo' Simpson used the main grandMA for the moving lights whilst Brad, who designed the show, used the other grandMA for the analogue fixtures. The production offered the opportunity to demonstrate how one desk can be set up in two totally different ways.

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