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The LED GARDEN 103 model LG-103-24V-M carries a programmable microprocessor system allowing it to be programmed for a wide range of effects. LG-103-24V-M is suitable for outdoor applications with IP44 rating.

Recommended LED GARDEN 103 Products to Design;
Gardens, parks, decks, and walkways.


Power: 1.44W
Currency: 0.06A
5 LED'S: 10 red, 6 green, 6 blue
Product Dimensions: L110xW70xH320mm
Weight: 920g

Installation of LG-103-24V-M

LG-103-24V-M is most suitable to install in grassland, earth, or any other place that can fix it. Put the standing feet into the earth (or concrete),till the connecting panel meets the floor closely. Installation drawing is shown as bellow:

Connecting to the SRC-171 controller
For the connecting method just same as LG-100-24V-M. One SRC-171 can control up to 20 pieces of LG-103-24V-M; when the distance is within 2 meters, one SRC-171 can control up to 25 pieces of LG-10-24V-M; when the distance is within 1.5 meters, one SRC-171 can control up to 30 pieces of LG-103-24V-M. Connecting manner is shown as bellow:

Connecting to DMX controller
For DMX Controller, the connecting method & function just same as LG-100-24V-M.

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