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LED LINE® Vertical Flex Type

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Composed with high intensity and wide viewing angle LEDS on the flat tape, LED LINE Flex Type (Vertical) is a flexible, twistable product, which is especially designed for channel letters. It can be bent into any shape and can be mounted in letters with special designed mounting clips. This flex vertical type also offers the solution for light circles and waved ceilings. Standard and customized colors, applications and effects are available for this product.



Can be bent, twisted or curved to fit your design needs.
Bending angle: 150 degree
For focus light, the viewing angle is from 15 degree to 80 degree. For diffused light, the viewing angle is from 15 degree to 120 degree
Mounting clips for easy installation
LEDS are available for red, yellow, white, green and blue colors

MODEL LF(V)-A-1/2'-2V-R/Y/O LF(V)-A-1/2'-2V-B/G/W
LED Type Red, Yellow Blue, Green, White
Lamp spacing 1/2" (12.7mm) 1/2" (12.7mm)
Power Consumption 3W/meter 4.5W/meter
Max. length per power run 2m 2m
Adapter Power input AC220V, AC110V AC220V, AC110V
Adapter power output DC2V DC3.3V



Long Life -100,000 hours as compared to 10,000 - 25,000 hours of fluorescent tube and neon
Low voltage - 2 and 3.3 volt system can reduce fire and health hazard
Flex vertical type can be cut per 1" spacing of LED to allow for mounting in all size letters
A wide viewing angle LED prevents "hot spots" and provides for an even illumination
Unlike neon that it require skilled labor, LED LINE -Flex Type (Vertical) is comparative low cost and offers substantial savings to the end user

Energy efficient:

1 watt per foot for red, yellow; 1.6 watt per foot for white, green and blue
Power supplies are available in ranges from 1A to 60A


How to install on letter sign:

Step 1:
Measure the internal lengths of each letter and draw the marking in order to precisely install Flex vertical type. Calculate carefully the total power consumption to choose the right power supply

Step 2:
Cut appropriate lengths of Flex vertical type and install on the letters

Step 3:
Use extension cable to connect each section of Flex Type (Vertical) in each channel

Step 4:
Use longer length of extension cable to connect those letters together

Step 5:
Use cable nut to connect those 4 lead wire with power supply. We recommend the lead wire should not be more than 5 meters long

Step 6:
Plug the power supply

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