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Welcome to Articulight's Newly Designed Website!

We are pleased to announce that we have re-launched our newly designed web site at www.articulight.com . The main purpose has been to make it easier on you to navigate throughout our web site.

The web site includes a lot of new products in the various product categories. We have done our best to provide a lot useful information, visuals and kinetic change of color and special effects.

We have an exciting new wide range of LED lighting products which are quite unique. The range includes projectors with variable beam angles, flexible and rigid strips, panels and tubes of various sizes. Using RGB, multicolor and single color options, our range will meet almost every lighting application. Our LED lighting products can be used indoors, outdoors, recessed, in-ground and even underwater! We are planning on increasing our exposure in this important product category and you should expect more innovative LED lighting products from us.

Our Architectural Color Changers and Searchlights have been strengthened by the addition of light sources up to 7,000w whereas our Graphic Projectors received a major boost by modular and versatile projectors suitable for outdoor/indoor use with up to 2500w bulbs.

Stay tuned and please visit our site regularly for more updated info.

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